October 26, 2020, 4:27 am

E Mobility in North America to be Seen by Partnership of ABB and Lion Electric

By Sandesh Ilhe

ABB has partnered with Lion Electric to strengthen the transition to a zero-emissions future in North America. ABB will offer its complete charging equipment product line to Lion Electric, to be sold under Lion Electric’s new Lion Energy infrastructure specialty division, making the Saint-Jérôme, Québec-based company a service partner for ABB.

Lion Energy, the heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer’s end-to-end infrastructure solution, is designed to streamline the process of EV charging station installation. Lion Energy packages charging infrastructure design and review, project management, utility coordination and customized consultation to its customers, easing the complex process of charging station installation.

Lion Energy ensures infrastructure installation is accomplished in tandem with the vehicle purchasing process, giving customers the capacity to meet the charging needs of current fleets and the ability to scale in the future.

ABB’s portfolio and services span the entire kW chain from compact, high-quality AC wall boxes to reliable DC fast charging stations, Terra 54 (Fast Chargers) and Heavy Vehicle Chargers. ABB will supply the full range of solutions to support the Lion Electric fleet which ranges from small buses to 300 kW battery trucks.

Lion Electric will be trained to undertake the servicing of ABB’s smart, reliable and effective EV charging solutions. ABB’s futureproof charging hardware and software are designed to meet the needs of e-buses and trucks. ABB will also support the end customers’ installation of the charging equipment, making the implementation of electrification easier for school bus and transit fleets.

Lion Electric has delivered more than 300 all-electric school buses in the US and Canada—more than all other players combined—in addition to benefitting from the largest order book in the industry. Lion also offers a portfolio of all-electric class 5 to class 8 trucks, available in various configurations.

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