October 21, 2020, 3:48 am

Albany Fire Truck was driven from Colonie to Schenectady which was Stolen

By Prashant Tambe
The Colonie Police Department says they’re investigating the theft of a city of Albany fire truck that was taken from the Colonie Municipal Training Building on Wade Road on Sunday. They say it was recovered in the 1500 block of State Street in Schenectady on Monday. Colonie Lieutenant Bob Winn said the vehicle was left unattended and had no damages. Winn said the Colonie Municpial Training Building left their gates open on accident on Sunday night. That’s when someone walked in, stole the fire truck and headed out on the road. “It could of been somebody that has a desire to be a fireman and or someone who could never be a firemen. They also may just have taken it for a joy ride. There are many factors,” said he. On Monday at 7 a.m. Albany Fire got the call from Schenectady that their ladder truck was parked in the city of Schenectady. The fire truck is not in service. It is used as a training vehicle at the Colonie Municpial Training Building. “It traveled from Latham to Schenectady. We don’t know on what routes and we are still trying to decipher that,” said Winn. Winn said this is a serious felony. The 1999 Spartan ladder truck is worth $60k and there are items still missing. “A helmet, boots, and an air pack that they would wear to enter a burning building are still not accounted for,” said he. Colonie Police are heading the investigation and they currently have no surveillance video. Winn said many of the cameras in the community were turned off or affected by last Wednesday’s wind storms. Police are hoping members of the community can help in this ongoing investigation. “I’m hoping somebody saw it driving by or heard it go by. I hope maybe they blew the siren or the horn. It was a vehicle that was unusual and we are hoping somebody will recognize that,” said he. Even though the gates were left open, Winn said fire trucks don’t have what most cars typically have to keep them from being stolen. “They don’t have an outdoor locking mechaniaszm. There is not a key used to start the vehicle. The fire truck has process that you would use to start the apparatus,” said he. Winn said the police department will make sure that the Colonie Municipal Training has their gate locked at all times.
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