September 22, 2020, 5:25 am

12 different Ski Photos that makes you Travel in Winter

By Prashant Tambe
There is absolutely nothing here that sticks these pieces together. No red thread, no throughline. Except for the skiing part, I guess. 12 ski photos Instead, here’s a collection of lost and found photos from the past and beyond with a little bit of everything. Last winter was, of course, cut short due to these weird times we’re in. All we can do now is stick together, build up the stoke for the “lost” days, and get even more done once the new snow falls. I couldn’t be more excited—bet you can’t either. Hope you’re getting plans together and gathering your crew—safely, of course—for some more days up in the mountains. I’m Adam Klingeteg, born and raised in the flattest part of Sweden. But the adventure in the mountains was always calling and soon I was hooked for a lifetime. Still shooting and loving it more than ever. Just as life should be. In the middle of nowhere. For a week or two, we lived between bears and old Russian emergency helicopters. William Larsson with a cork 3 in-between our electricity-free (and everything-else-free) cabins. William Larsson dons his rose-colored goggles. Larsson and I have been experimenting with flashes over the years. Carrying gear in deep snow is exhausting, but sometimes you strike ruby. Trace Cooke catching some air during the Fischer Ski team gathering in Ischgl, Austria. We don’t know if he ever came back to earth. Up close and personal with the all-time Tall T-Crew at Kimbo Session in Sweden's finest Kläppen Snow Park. Larsson blending snow and clouds somewhere along the road in Austria. To the top and beyond. William Larsson having a beautiful evening walking in Åre, Sweden's backyard. A pre-season sunset in the official start hut of the Ski World Cup in Åre. Kajsa Larsson exhales for a minute, embracing evening. Martin Lentz taking the scenic route in Ischgl—watching out for sharks in the big blue. William Larsson boosting through the tight birch woods in Åre, Sweden.
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